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We want you to understand that we are neutrals meaning we do not “side” with either party and as such we never talk with one side outside of the mediation process.  If we do break out rooms or” shuttle”  between rooms, we are even in our discussions. We will include both parties and/or counsel on emails, telephone calls and zoom meetings.

Mediation Services Questionaire

Mediation Questionnaire

Both sides will need to fill out a basic information form on line and return the form before the first mediation session.

Pay for Mediation Services


Both parties will need to make a payment before the mediation session. The first session will have a non-refundable 2 hour minimum  which shall be paid prior to the mediation. If the mediation is cancelled with 3 business days before the mediation, the funds can be applied to a subsequent mediation. Each party shall be responsible for ½ of the fee unless the parties or the court has made a different payment arrangement. The payment can be made by credit card or check/bank transfer.

Any additional work such as preparation, reviewing documents/financials, preparing agreements will be at an additional charge at the hourly rate.

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There is an on-line calendar and if you need an earlier date because of an upcoming hearing, please contact us and we will add you to a wait list if there is a cancellation and we will work with you to try to accommodate your schedule and deadlines.

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First Session

We find it is most productive to set a minimum of 2 hour session or a longer period of time, if agreeable.  The first session includes introductions of the mediator/attorneys and parties,  an explanation of the process  and an opportunity for each party to set forth their goals. We will then “roll up our sleeves” and start discussing the issues.  We often say that we work as fast as the slowest person in the room so we will go at the pace that is comfortable to both parties. There may be some homework at the end of the mediation to be able to fill in the blanks to provide for missing information.

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Subsequent Sessions

We pick up from where we left off, go over homework and start preparing a Parenting Plan, Marital Settlement Agreement or Terms of Settlement so to be able to resolve the case without protracted and costly court proceedings.

The sooner we start, the sooner we can help you resolve your issues and look towards the future

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