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Robert and Jolie met as summer associates while working in West Palm Beach for a large law firm between the summers of their second and third year of law school.  They both decided early on that they wanted to be litigators based on their work and clinical experiences in law school.


Jolie became a family law attorney in Maryland and believed in zealously representing her clients, but with an eye toward resolving cases as soon as she was able to do so.  Jolie started her solo law firm in 1992 and later took on a partner and built her family law practice to a medium size firm over the years. She realized early in her practice that most cases eventually settle and that her clients appreciated her honesty and frankness relating to assessing the cases. Jolie’s ability to evaluate cases to get the best result possible without running up her client’s bills led to happy clients, a stream of referrals and respect from her colleagues and the bench. To this day, this philosophy continues to be her objective and she brings this sense of reasonableness to her work as a mediator. Jolie was trained as a mediator in 1992 and has focused her practice primarily on mediation since 2020.


Jolie spends her free time walking/running, playing tennis and pickleball and spending time with family and friends. Her most favorite time is hanging with the family dog, Oakley.

"We will work with you to get the result that both parties can live with and move forward with their lives."
– Jolie Weinberg

Rob became a criminal lawyer after he graduated law school starting his career as a prosecutor in the District of Columbia.  Rob then went into civil litigation in the areas of real estate, personal injury, contracts and worker’s compensation matters. Rob was known as the “go to” lawyer in his firm for coming up with creative strategies that led to successful resolutions in difficult cases. After having had hundreds of trials, he decided to focus on staying out of court by becoming a mediator in 2018. Rob’s approach to mediation is his belief that one size does not fit all. He is not opposed to giving the parties a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their case when asked for his opinion.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing golf, tennis and attending sporting or music events. He is also a certified United States Tennis Association (USTA) umpire and enjoys refereeing both junior and adult events in both Maryland and Florida.

"I believe that if the parties can put their differences aside and work together, anything is possible."
– Robert Weinberg

The Weinberg Mediation Center is focused on working together with our clients to achieve an acceptable result.

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Why The Weinberg Mediation Center

We have combined over 65 years of experience in most every area of law
We believe that our experience can lead to more creative ways to settle your case
We believe that most every case can and should settle and that most cases settle outside of court
We believe that a case is like a puzzle and we love to work with you to put the pieces together
We believe that we can save you money and aggravation by working through mediation
We will work as hard as you do to get to an agreeable resolution of your issues
The sooner we start, the sooner we can help you resolve your issues and look towards the future

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