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The Weinberg Mediation Center is focused on working together with our clients to get to an acceptable result. Jolie and Rob combined have been mediators for over 35 years, and recently decided to team up and mediate exclusively after having both litigated for over 30 years each. Rob has practiced in civil litigation since 1989 and Jolie has focused on family law since 1990. They travel between the Tampa Bay area of Florida and Howard/Baltimore Counties of Maryland. Get experienced mediation services today.

Areas of Mediation Services


Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Subrogation Claims, Contract Disputes


Child Custody, Child Access, Child Support, Alimony, Real Property, Complex Business Issues including Valuation, Retirement, Personal Property, Attorney’s fees and other family issues.


What Our Clients Are Saying​

Jolie Weinberg is amazing. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the law, she is kind and cares about families. I went through a very difficult divorce after 31 years of marriage. Jolie, held my hand through it all. Her advice was excellent and I feel that she Enright to make it as easy as possible on me. She suggested mediation because it’s much less money than going to court.

Robert helped settle my workers compensation appeal despite my attorney having withdrawn from my case just prior to mediation. He took the time to carefully explain my legal rights and the potential consequences should I have chosen to proceed pro se.

Robert did a fantastic job settling a serious personal injury case for over $700,000. The parties were very far apart at the start of the case but his persistence led to an excellent result after a long session.

Ms. Weinberg helped me through my divorce mediation and settlement. I was extremely pleased with the final outcome. She gave me sensible advice, and was able to talk through a variety of possibilities and scenarios, some that we wanted to happen, and others that we wanted to avoid. She was factual and task-oriented when that was needed, and was sensitive and supportive when that was in order. And she is tough. My ex’s attorney was a tough negotiator, and Ms. Weinberg was rock-solid.

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Why Mediation

Mediation is a non-adversarial way of talking through the issues by using a neutral to help with  difficult conversations.  The mediator guides you through the settlement process.  Mediation services are often less costly, less time consuming and the least emotional of your choices.


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